Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lutsky, Lutzky, Lutzki

When I started researching my family history, this is the branch I started with first because my dad and his siblings were closest to these family members and I had more stories readily available. Lutsky is the maiden name of my paternal grandmother. She was born Ida Lutsky at 517 Stone Ave in Brooklyn, New York in September, 1911. Her parents (my g-grandparents), both immigrants, were Louis and Lena (nee Belinsky) Lutsky. Ida, who later went by Irene, can be seen on the home page of my blog with her older brother Irving (born Israel). I have pictures of Louis and Lena before they were married. He was very handsome (not so much later) and she is beautiful. Now I know where my grandma Irene got her good looks. Unfortunately, Lena was not happy with her life and she committed suicide in September, 1912, jumping from the roof of the 3-story building at 517 Stone Ave. I'll talk more about her when I discuss the Belinsky branch of the family.

You may wonder about the different spellings of Lutsky. Lutzki would have been the spelling in "Russia". The "i" changed to a "y" in the US. Some US records show the "z" and others show the "s". The spelling Lutsky was the one most used in the US, probably because it looked softer and more American than the spelling with "z". And a comment on the given names I use in my discussion, in general I'll use the americanized names or the names used in everyday life vs their Hebrew names to avoid confusion.

Louis Lutsky was the 2nd oldest child of the 7 surviving children of Solomon & Rebecca (nee Kantorowitz) Lutsky. I say "surviving" because, on the 1910 US census, Rebecca reported having given birth to 10 children but only 7 were living as of the census date. I believe these other 3 children died before the family came to America. The siblings, in order of age were Nathan, Louis, Bertha, Yetta, Olga, Israel, and Jack. Some I have more information about than others.

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