Monday, December 3, 2007

Welcome to my Genealogy Blog!

My name is Sharon...welcome.

I first started researching my family history in 2000. I learned more about several branches of my family tree than I ever hoped to so I wanted to share some of those stories and help other people who are just beginning their research or are at a dead end. I'm no expert but my brain tends to work like a search engine and I have patience for sifting through the many results I can get on some searches. My family is Jewish so some of the research techniques are specific to Jewish genealogy. Many, however, apply to researching any religious/cultural background.

Please ask questions and I'll try to help. Or share your stories. I always warn people who ask me about my family tree "remember, you asked me". I can ramble on and unless they stop me, I'll keep going until I run out of information. Maybe the blog format is the perfect vehicle for me to ramble on.

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