Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Holocaust Chronicle

I strongly recommend this book for anyone interested in the Holocaust including the period leading up to the war. This is a large hardcover book written with contributions by several historians. It is very well organized. Most of the book follows a timeline type of format with a lot of short stories about various people and events. This makes it easy to read a few pages at a time, especially when you get into what I call the "heavy years", 1941-5. There are many pictures, some that I've never seen before, and may not be suited for any squimish. The 2,000+ pictures are mostly in black & white so no red blood but some still make your stomach turn.

I purchased this book at Borders for about $20. There is an insert noting that it was intentionally well-priced so that schools could afford them. I see it on amazon.com new for $47 and $12.85 for different publication dates (only a few weeks apart). Not sure what the difference is except for 3 more pages and a different color dust jacket on the later printing.

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