Monday, July 7, 2008

Avrutsky/Avrutski photos

October 2008 update to information below:
The researcher who gave me this picture was finally able to find out what was written on the back of the original photo. There is a note from Gidaly Ber (her ggf) "to our dear relatives for long and kind memory from your relatives", signed Gidaly Ber. It is dated December 1913. Other names listed are the BERGER and HUKHIM families, Riva RUN(?). The center panel has the names R.N. BERLIGER and Rakhilya Naumonvan BERLIGER. Someone also wrote "BERLIGER family" in pencil in English, possible one of her uncles. We don't know how these names, other then her ggf, relate to AVRUTSKI.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Click on the above image to enlarge. I received this photo from another researcher. It is her Avrutsky/Avrutski family from Talne, Ukraine. The older couple at the center are her great-grandparents Gedalia Ber (a doctor?) and Rifka Avrutski. She thinks the photo was taken after 1912 because her grandmother's family is not in the photo and 1912 is when they left Ukraine for Canada. The 2 children at the far left are brother & sister Julius and Sonya. They changed Avrutski to Everett after arriving in Canada. Sonya ended up in NY and her married name was Garfield. In the back row, 3rd from the right, is (another) Gedalia Avrutsky with his wife Bluma in front of him (also went to Canada and then the US). In the front row, the young man holding the boy is Sam Mostovoy who came to NY in the 1920s. We were wondering if someone recognizes anyone in the photo or if anyone can help us pinpoint the year it was taken.

Click to enlarge. The photo on the right is Mordechai Avrutsky. It was taken in Odessa in 1925. I believe he would have been about 30 years old at that time. Mordechai was married to my ggm's sister. The photo on the left is from the family photo above. The resemblance is remarkable. Any photo experts out there who can tell us if it is the same person?

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