Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Strange Coincidence...Krinski surname

I'm used to doing a double take on a regular basis when I see a name that bears a resemblance to an unrelated part of the family tree. The overlap I just discovered is doubly odd because both discoveries are new.

Back in August, cousin Madeline told me that my g-grandmother Jennie Schneider (born Sheine Tokar in Brest-Litovsk, Poland) had a sister. This sister was Reizl Tokar. I know that Reizl was born in 1904 in Brest because I have her birth record. That makes her about 16 years younger than Jennie. Reizl was still living in Brest in 1928 because Jennie listed that as her last residence when she traveled to the US with her children. Reizl's name was listed as her maiden name. Madeline also told me that Reizl's married name was Karinsky, that she immigrated to Israel before WWII, and that some of her family is still living in Israel. I've discovered that Karinsky is more likely Krinsky or Krinski and I've hired a researcher in Israel to find them before my upcoming trip to Israel. I don't know yet if Reizl married in Poland or Israel.

Today I was looking through one of my research binders and saw a note I made on the 1931 ship manifest of my g-grandmother Dobrusza Bergson (born Dobrusza Jablon in Lazdijai/Lozdzieje, Lithuania; married name in US was Dora Berger). The note was that Dora had listed as her last residence the town of Seirijai, Lithuania, which is 12 miles from Lazdijai, with her sister Elke Kerenski. I decided to jump on and search for Kerenski in Seirijai to see if anything came up. I did a "sounds like" search on the surname and gasped when I saw some of the results...Krinski! How weird is that?

Reizl is the sister of the mother of my maternal grandfather.
Elke is the sister of the mother of my maternal grandmother.

Reizl married in either Poland or Israel.
Elke married in Lithuania, either in Lazdijai or Seirijai.

For now I think this is just a coincidence. If they came from the same or neighboring towns it would definitely be possible for these to be the same Krinski families but these towns are nowhere near each other. The Krinski name was scattered throughout Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine so it is unlikely these are the same families. If they are, you will probably hear a much louder gasp.

An additional note...Elke Krinski may have still been in Lithuania when WWII began. I've located an Apr. 21, 1939 death record for her husband Solemas/Solomos. I also know that they had a daughter Zlate born Oct. 1, 1922. A blacksmith name Krinsky is on the list of Seirijai Holocaust victims but without a given name I can't determine if this is a son of Elke or someone else related to Solomos. No other details right now.

UPDATE: I know less than 2 hours have passed but I have an update on the Krinski family of Seirijai. I found several Pages of Testimony in the Yad Vashem database. The person who submitted these is reporting that Elke, son Moshe, and daughter Zlate were killed in Seirijai in 1941, as were 2 children of Sore Krinski, first wife of Solomos (Sholem). These Pages were submitted in 1992 and it looks like the submitter is still living at the same address. I plan to write a letter.


Gail said...

I have just discovered that Moses (moshe) krinsky was my great great grandfather. His son Phillip was my great grandfather and left serey in 1881. My great grandmother Esther kabaker left serey a bit later. I'd love to share information when you have a chance. Perhaps the baby moshe was named after my great great grand.

Sharon said...

Hi Gail,

Please e-mail me. There is a link in my profile. You don't have an e-mail link. Hopefully we're talking about the same family. I might even have a few Krinski photos (as yet unidentified).