Saturday, January 2, 2010

Details of Nathan Lutzky's Trip January-June 1921

Following are the details of Nathan's trip to Europe in 1921 (click to enlarge). He went to Europe in response to a plea to help family members in need of assistance after WWI. There are page numbers before each entry in case you want to see which page the related stamp is on. Pages 2-4 are the original green passport and pages 1a & 1b are the additional inserted pages. The link for the scans is: Nathan Lutzky US Passport
There are several gaps in the dates with no activity on the passport:
>Feb 12-Mar 1 - he probably arrived in Romania on or about Feb 12 and spent this time with the family. According to his passport application, the family was in Kishinef, Romania (now Chisinau, Moldova) which was in eastern Romania. A lot of WWI refugees ended up in Kishinef.
>Mar 6-15 - looks like he was back in Romania
>Mar 18-Apr 3 - still in Romania?
>May 7-21 - still in Romania?
>May 25-Jun 18 - in France, waiting for passage home or meeting with his revolutionary buddies? (there is a story that he was a gun smuggler)

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