Monday, December 10, 2007

Federal Census Records (US) 1910

The 1910 US Federal Census was started on April 15, 1910. For me, this was a big one because it's the first time I'm seeing many of my immigrant ancestors in America, a lot of whom arrived at Ellis Island from 1904-1906.

The 1910 federal census includes the following information:
-street address
-name of the head of the household is listed first
-all other household residents are listed next with their relationship to the head of the household -personal information for each person includes, sex, race, age, marital status, length at present marriage, place of birth, and place of birth of parents. Also, maybe my all time favorite question (it only appears on the 1900 & 1910 census') for mothers, number of children born and number now living
-citizenship status, year of immigration, and language spoken
-occupation, whether an employer, employee, or working on his/her own account. If unemployed, number of weeks unemployed in 1909
-ability to read and write
-if attended daytime school since September 1, 1909
-if home is rented or owned. If home is owned, is it owned outright or mortgaged. If home is a house or a farm
-if a survivor of Union or Confederate Army or Navy
-if blind in both eyes or if deaf and dumb (yes, that's the actual language used)

Here is the link for a 1910 census form so you can see the column headings:

A few facts to keep in mind:
-a baby born after April 15 will not be included in the census even if they are living in the household when the enumerator visits
-a person who dies after April 15 will be included in the census even if they are deceased when the enumerator visits

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