Monday, December 10, 2007

Federal Census Records (US) 1920

The 1920 US Federal Census began on January 1. 1920 is the first census that includes US territories American Somoa, Guam, and the Panama Canal Zone. This is the first US census taken after the end of WWI. During the war, emigration from many places in Europe was near zero.

Information included in the 1920 federal census is as follows:
-street address
-name of the head of the household appears first
-name of the other members of the household and their relationship to the head of the family
- whether home owned or rented; if owned, whether free or mortgaged
- personal information for every member of the household such as sex, rage, age, marital status, whether attended school in the past few months, ability to read and write
-year of immigration to United States, whether native born, naturalized, or alien, year of immigration and year of naturalization
-person's place of birth, language spoke before coming to the US, parents' places of birth and their mother tongues
-whether able to speak English
-occupation information including whether or not the person is an employer, employee, or working on their own account

Here is the link for a 1920 census page so you can see the column headings:

A few facts to keep in mind:

-a baby born after January 1 will not be included in the census even if that child is living in the household on the day the enumerator visits

-a person who died after January 1 will be included in the census even if they died before the enumerator visits

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