Saturday, February 9, 2008

Map of Ukraine Towns

Lysianka is at the center of the map (red star). This is the town of last residence listed by Lea Belinki on her 1906 ship manifest. It is also the place of birth listed on Louis Lutsky's US naturalization papers and Nathan Lutzky's 1920 US passport application.

To the SSW is Tal'ne, also known as Talnoe or Talnoye. This is the last place of residence reported by Leib Belinki and Shlomo Belinki on their ship manifests (1908 & 1913, respectively).

To the west of both towns is Zvenyhorodka, also spelled Zwenigorodka. This is the last place of residence reported by the Hochfeld cousins (1906-1909) and also Solomon "Dr Saul" Lutsky and his family in 1921.

To the west of Zvenyhorodka is Spola, also spelled Shpola. This is where Rivka Belinki Nozhnitzov and her family were living in 1935 when she sent a postcard to her brother Shlomo/Solomon Belinsky in the US.

To the south and west is Kirovohrad, previously known as Elizavetgrad or Yelizavetgrad. This is the last place of residence listed by Rebecca Lutsky & children on their 1906 ship manifest.

Also note on the western side of the map Cerkasy. This may be where my ggg-grandmother Malka Cherkassy came from.

For reference, note Kyjiv (Kiev) at the top center of the map. The distance from Lysianka to Kiev is approx. 90 miles. Odessa is to the south off of the map.

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Lidian said...

I love maps so was very interested in this one - and not only because I like maps, but I have some roots in the Ukraine too. I didn't see any of 'my' towns but they may be elsewhere (or teeny - or both!). You've inspired me to go look at MapQuest again and print some maps out, so thanks!