Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Lutsky/Lutzky information...US Passport Applications

Uncle Israel, 1921, with mustache. This is the photo from his US passport application. According to the application, he was applying for a passport to travel to Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Roumania, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Constantinople, Denmark, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Latvia, and Estonia. He was traveling for his employer, Ellis Hosiery Company (in Philadelphia), to determine if, after the war, they could resume business in these markets. His physical description is 5' 2" tall, high forehead, blue grey eyes, regular mouth, round chin, brown hair, fair complexion, oval face, straight broad nose. The issue date of 1921 is interesting...supposedly, Uncle Israel helped Dr. Saul's family come to the US but they arrived before he rec'd his passport. I know Uncle Israel did go to Europe because I have the 1922 manifest for his return voyage.

There's more....

introducing Nathan Lutzky in the first photo I've found of him...YEAH!!!!....

This is the photo from his 1920 US passport application. Very different from Uncle Israel. He does have the big ears though. According to the application, he was born in Lisanka (this is Lysyanka, Ukraine, where a lot of Lutskys and Belinkis were born). I now know his arrival date in the US so maybe I can finally find his ship manifest. He was applying for a passport because he has "in Roumania my grand father, uncles, cousins, neices, and other relatives who are now in terrible straights". This can't be a reference to Dr. Saul's family since they were already in the US. There is reference to a Yiddish letter attached to the application from a cousin Beile Mul (I've never seen this name before) but it was not microfilmed. The partial translation of the letter is a plea for help to go find the missing family members. There were nine names in the Yiddish letter but they were not translated so are not in the documents I found. Maybe I can find ship manifests. Nathan's physical description is 5' 7" (very tall for that generation!), medium forehead, blue eyes, medium straight nose, medium mouth, round chin, brown hair, fair complexion, oval face. He is working as a furrier at 282 Riverdale Ave in Brooklyn. This must be shortly after he moved back to Brooklyn from Hartford. Seeing how slender he is, I wonder if he was sickly. He went into the hospital in 1924 for surgery on his ulcer and died of an infection around his heart.
And something else...according to Nathan's passport application, his birthday is December 15, same as mine. I know he was born when the Julian calendar was in use vs the current Gregorian calendar but it's still cool.

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