Saturday, March 7, 2009

Harry Klein, a 1991 Eulogy

My grandfather Harry Klein (pictured here in May 1989), born Aaron in NYC in 1907, known as Harvey by his grandchildren, died on October 9, 1991. The following was written by my Uncle Len, Harry's oldest son, for the October 11 funeral.

He was born in 1907 and reached the age of 84 years. He grew up with his twin brother Joe, for whom he had especially strong feeling, and had three other brothers and a baby sister as well. When he got married he raised a family of two sons and two daughters. Very much a family man, he loved getting together at gatherings and celebrations. He greatly enjoyed having ten grandchildren to play with, each of who he really loved, and they in turn were eager to be with him and loved him back.

He was a plumber by trade and a very good one at that. His membership in Local One of the Plumbers Union was something of which he was very proud. Like the good family family he was, he was a good union man as well.

He was an easy-going guy, slow to anger and quick to soothe things over. He was always fixing things for his little grandchildren which they always knew to bring to Grandpa. Cooking omelets and soups for his little waiting faces was one of his pleasures, and he never went to a family gathering without bringing his famous chopped liver. His playful personality enabled him to amuse adults and children alike and he was always ready to share a smile, make a funny face, and do a little comic dance. He liked to read the newspaper, watch television, and especially he liked falling asleep in the easy chair. His other pastimes included looking out the window and make sure that the lights were out if there was no one in the room.

We remember his playfulness and the way we laughed together...and we always will.

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