Saturday, March 7, 2009

Irene Klein, a 1985 Eulogy

Irene Klein (pictured here in 1981 with husband Harry at their 50th anniversary party), born Ida Lutsky in Brooklyn in 1911, died on January 4, 1985. The following was written by my Uncle Len, Irene's oldest son, for her January 6 funeral.

She was married 53 years ago in very uncertain times and she tried very hard to see the better times that were yet to come. She was a young wife and quickly a mother. Although not formally educated she loved to read and to learn. Her active mind turned to nutrition as her family grew, and then through her reading she became interested in Freud's psychoanalytic understanding of people. And it was people - her family and friends - that truly interested her most. She listened well when people talked, and when her relatives needed someone, she was there.

She was a singer of songs that came from the heart and everyone who heard them felt touched by here and this was especially so when she sang in Yiddish. The singing was important to her, the song was important, but most of all it was the people who mattered.

She loved her family and genuinely enjoyed her grandchildren - and they, in return, loved her and enjoyed being with her. She tried always to see the good things in life and was not one to re-live the bad. She had a good sense of humor and often saw funny things in otherwise bad events. We remember her laughter - mixed with her own - and we always will.

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Bill West said...

A moving tribute. Thank you for sharing this, Sharon!